Every couple of weeks we get a call or someone comes into the show room looking to change a sliding door wheel.   There are many different types of wheels used on sliding doors and, much like car parts ,they aren’t always compatible.

To save you some time we have put together this post.

We use the Dias system, the wheels are shown in this picture. Our system is fully compatible with the Ullrich, Boral , Stegbar  and Regency systems.


Sliding Door Wheel

Check the wheels first

To change a sliding door wheel, you will need to check that your wheels are the same or similar to the image above.  We recommend taking a photo and emailing it through to us. If we cannot assist, Carl can normally point you in the right direction.

If they are compatible with our wheels you can call by our showroom/factory at 13/34 Bishop St., Woolner and buy them direct from us. They slip out of the frame with a tap from a hammer or mallet, however you will need to drill out the rivets first (and replace rivets afterwards)

You will need the following tools. 

  • Electric/battery drill
  • Mallet / hammer
  • 1/8thdrill bit (3.3mm)
  • pop rivet gun (we will supply the rivets with the new wheels)

Alternatively contact us to arrange a service call.

Maintenance and adjusting the rollers of your sliding door.

To avoid the wheels getting stuck we recommend vacuuming any debris from the tracks every couple of weeks.  (more often if you live in a dusty area).

Occasionally you might find that the doors are not sliding as well as they usually do.  This can be due to a number of factors, homes ‘moving” due to wet season humidity, new homes “settling” into their foundations, even earthquakes!

Often a quick adjustment to the height will solve the issue, simply follow the instructions below.

Adjust height softlink roller

Do you need more help?

If you have any other concerns not mentioned here and you brought your doors from us please give Carl a call on 08 89410588.