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Transform your storage space and double your storage at the same time with elfa shelving.

Easily Solve Space Limitations or Obstacles!

Existing Wardrobes can be challenging due to small sizes and awkward dimensions.  elfa’s shelving system is fully customisable and will bring a unique solution to fit your space and needs.

elfa can work easily around existing features such as light switches.
elfa is Organised, neat and will provide more usable storage space.
If you like to be organised elfa is for you!

DIY Install

DIY install with elfa is easy.  We will always be here to answer any questions to ensure your install goes smoothly.


We can also provide install or recommend an installer.


elfa shelving is High quality and functional
elfa is easy to install
elfa is easy to rearrange and a great investment

  • The Top 7 Benefits of using elfa shelving and storage in your home office or study nook.Functional home office furniture is vital in today’s busy world.   Look no further, elfa’s intuitive shelving and storage system makes this simple.
    • Elfa's fully adjustable system allows to create a vibrant work space that is fully customisable.
    • Create a study nook in areas of your home that have been traditionally under-utilised such as under a window or in the  hall. The living room or the corner of a bedroom can become a study nook.
    • elfa shelving is fully adjustable and will work around obstacles such as power switches and existing cabinetry.
    • We are increasingly being asked to provide a computer desk or study nook in bedrooms.  This is easily done by utilising wall space or even part of an existing wardrobe.
    • The elfa wall hang system is fully adjustable, therefore allowing you to choose the most ergonomical height for your home office desk.
    • The elfa pegboards not only saves you space on your desk but efficiently organises your most used office supplies.
    • Elfa is flexible, if the layout doesn’t work, simply change it to a layout that is more conducive to your needs.

    Create more storage space in your Home Office.

    Home office furniture is not a one size suits all option.  There are so many variables to take into account e.g. office desk/computer desk height, the increasing need for more shelves especially as children grow and their interests expand.The elfa shelving and storage system can be customised to fit in any area.  We recommend to start with a basic set up.  Then add additional shelves, pull out drawers, pegboards and accessories as you need them.elfa shelving and storage components will provide you with a tailored solution for your home office furniture today and you can adjust, add and subtract from the system to get the best home office solution for tomorrow.

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    We will happily advise you on how elfa shelving can create a study nook in your hallway, living room or even kitchen.Visit our Showroom for inspiration:  On display we have a very cool children's home office desk.  Ready for your children to test : 
  • The Top 9 Benefits of using elfa to improve your bedroom storage capacity in your wardrobe, closet or Walk In Robe.

    • elfa’s best feature is that it is fully adjustable. All wardrobe inserts are clip in/clip out.  You can add, subtract and move the wire shelves, pull out baskets and shoe racks around as your needs change.
    • Pegboards provide storage on the wall, saving space and give you a visual area for make-up, hair accessories etc.
    • Clip on bucket trays (that clip to the side of the wire shelves) give you additional extra wardrobe storage for keys, pens, scarves and bags.
    • Elfa has load of accessories that will take up little space and keep your wardrobe organised e.g. tie and belt racks, valet rods.
    • Elfa’s wall hang system is ergonomic, allowing you to set your hanging rails & shelving to a height that suits you. I always put my most used clothes and accessories at eye level.
    • Elfa is still bringing out awesome accessories, one of elfa’s newest items are the drawer dividers that seperate your clothing in your drawers.
    • Adjustable pull out baskets, trouser racks, shoe racks and jewellery boxes are popular functional wardrobe inserts.
    • Staying organised with elfa is easy. I personally change my wardrobe layout at least once a year to keep up with changing fashion trends.
    • Once the elfa top track and wall band are installed. You can keep adding the wardrobe inserts and wire shelves over time.(Your Wardrobe or WIR will be your secret weapon when it comes to looking good.)
    Elfa might be just the only fashion item you still have in your wardrobe after 10 years that hasn’t gone out of fashion.

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    Visit our showroom to see how elfa shelving can create the wardrobe, closet or walk in robe of your dreams.  
  • Top Tips for improved garage storage

    • To increase garage wall shelving ,utilise as much of the wall space in the garage as possible.  elfa's smart shelving gives you the option to easily add in extra shelves where there is a space.
    • Hang bikes, brooms and gardening tools
    • Pegboards are great for tool storage, hobby equipment and miscellaneous items . A place for everything and everything in its place.
    • Garage wall shelving can be achieved by using elfa's top track and wall bands.  Providing a space for jackets, attach a bottom shelf for shoes and you will have a mud room!
    • Extend your storage to the ceiling to provide extra storage space- ideal for Christmas decorations & other items that are not used very much.
    The elfa utility shelving system keeps the floor clear while you work the walls!  There never seems enough space in the garage once the cars are home.  The elfa wall mounted shelving system allows you to utilise wall space giving you organised convenient storage for different purposes.

    Shed Shelving & Tool Storage

    elfa's utility track and pegboards will also attach to the walls of your shed.

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    For all your Garage Shelving, Shed Shelving and Tool Storage items.visit our showroom for inspiration - 13/34 Bishop St., WOOLNERWe look forward to assisting you with your elfa shelving.