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Ventilated Sliding Doors from our Troppo Family, allow for airflow along the top and bottom panel.  An issue facing large parts of Australia is the constant humidity we face on a daily basis. This can lead to “musty” wardrobes & linen cupboards with mildew and mould destroying your clothes, leather goods and linen.

Ventilated shelving systems

The use of our ventilated shelving systems (ELFA and ClosetMaid) alleviates much of the problem, however once a storage area has solid doors placed in front, the issue can re-appear.

The Solution

The solution is our TROPPO range , incorporating panels of perforated metal to allow for some serious ventilation to the internals of your cupboards.

How do the Troppo Doors work?

Our standard perforated sheet has a 2.38mm dia holes, allowing a steady flow of air to move through the cupboard. This is especially true when used in conjunction with ceiling fans, the air being forced through to top panels and escaping through the lower panels.

In response to the unique Australian form of Industrial/ Country living, we also offer the Troppo doors with perforated “Mini-Orb” insert panels.

Interior Design Benefits of Troppo/Ventilated Sliding Doors

We custom powder coat the perforated metal panels to suit our clients décor, this process also proving a great way to introduce accent colour into the room. Many clients have specified the troppo/ventilated sliding doors for this very reason alone, others like the slightly industrial appearance of the TROPPO range, the air flow simply being a bonus.