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Creative Sliding Doors

Our team here at FormfunctionNT thrive on the one off challenge.
Unique design brings its own rewards and we have had many opportunities to bring clients dreams to life with our creative sliding doors.

Custom Wardrobe Doors

From multiple panel “Mondrian” inspired creations & one off printing projects to unique industrial designs, we pride ourselves on being able to create truly original Wardrobe Sliding Doors inline with our client’s desires.

Custom Wardrobes with Creative Finishes

We have taken the approach that any flat panel or material may be fabricated into a one off design and that pretty much anything goes.
Some of the materials used to date include matchstick bamboo blinds, Louvre slats, wallpaper, custom powder coated mini-orb, powder coated mesh, timber floorboards, left over decking timber, Lego inserts, even a table runner from Spotlight has been integrated into a door design. Currently trending are full sized photographic prints onto glass or aluminium panels.

Click on the Pictures below to be taken to photo galleries of our Built In Sliding Wardrobe Doors

  • Custom Built Wardrobe Doors with feature timber panel

    Adding a timber horizontal panel to interior sliding doors is a simple touch that creates balance and depth to your room’s design. 

    Features of your Sliding Wardrobe Door with a timber horizontal panel.

    • The Timber panel can be either recycled timber, new timbers, even floating timber floor boards.
    • Using left over timbers and floating timber floor boards offers a very complimentary finish. (as well as saving the environment)
    • Newer timbers can be stained to match existing furniture or floors.
    • The horizontal timber panel can be placed at a height of your choice. We have found door handle height or chair rail height works well, as the panels line up beautifully with these features.
    • This design of our custom-built wardrobe doors can be as high as 2700mm. Internal sliding doors floor to ceiling give the appearance of a wall.

    Choices of timbers to use in your Internal Sliding Doors

    The good news is that we will work with any timber choice, floating floorboards or recycled timbers.  A few examples of timbers are:
    • Merbau
    • Spotted Gum
    • Cypress Pine
    • Western Red Cedar
    • Blackbutt
    • Jarrah
    • Floating timber floor boards the options are limitless
    • Recycled Timbers are a personal favourite of ours to work with as they usually have a personal connection with our clients.

    Further Customisation of your Sliding Door comes with your panel choice.

     You can also choose matching laminate or melamine insert panels that you already have in your room such as a desk top, bedside tables, kitchen cabinets.  Co ordinating these items with your sliding doors can really bring a room together in a cohesive manner.Popular panel choices are
    • Mirror
    • Various glasses, black, white Dec, pure white, smoky grey or bronze
    • Laminate & Melamine panels
    Custom printed Motif’s on glass are a way of providing your own unique touch and can tie other design features of your room together.  E.g. Add a botanical motif that matches botanical wallpaper. 

    Quoting & Buying Custom Sliding Doors with a timber feature panel, is simple.

     We need a few details to start the quote:
    • Supply us with your address, phone no. & email.
    • A couple of photos of the room
    • Approximate Sizes
    • The desired timber panel you want to use
      • New Timbers
      • Recycled Timbers
      • Floating Timber Floor boards – Brand & Type

    Customers enquiring outside of Darwin

    Back freight from the N.T is very economical!We will work with you or your builder, cabinet maker or carpenter to ensure an easy delivery & install.No Cabinet Maker? – we may have one already in your area, if not we will find a competent installer.
  • Custom Built Wardrobe Sliding Doors

    The Mondrian Inspired door collection is very popular with the home builder, interior designers, home renovator, new homes and small commercial projects.One particular reason for this is that the nature of "Mondrian" artwork can be customised to suit different colour finishes.  We can bring the exact paint match from your room into the door providing a very stylish to a smart finish.

    Why choose the Mondrian Sliding Door?

    Choosing the Mondrian sliding door allows you to bring different elements of your interior design together.  The Initial artwork composition is red, blue & yellow.  However, in today's design world we have see the geometric design in many different colour pallets.
    •  Unlimited Colour Pallet
    •  Various choices of quality materials
    •  Functional Art
    • The door can be up to 2700mm high
    • Bespoke design

    The Mondrian Sliding Doors and your home.

    Mondrian internal doors are suitable for all areas of your home including the following:
    • Rumpus Room
    • Teenager Retreat
    • Hallways
    • Bedrooms
    • Laundries
    • The laundry cupboard doors
    • Wardrobe Doors
    • Mud room
    • Kids room

    How Do I get a quote for Mondrian Inspired Sliding Doors?

    The easiest way to get a quote for internal Mondrian Cupboard doors is to supply us with a few details
    • Colour Choices:  If you are matching exisiting paint, fixtures, provide the paint brand and colours, for an exact match.
    • Size:  Please provide height, width & depth of your cupboard
    • Which room are you putting the sliding doors in?
    • Photos:  Photos are great as Carl is able to offer you advice
    • Your Address, phone & email
  • The Shoji Style of door is traditionally a wooden sliding door/wall with translucent/rice paper.   Over the years we have had requests from clients to use the Shoji style as inspiration for their sliding doors.  The collection on this page have been inspired by the Shoji design.Tropical Home with Shoji Inspired Sliding DoorsShoji Inspired Doors New HomeShoji Inspired Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Doors with Custom Printing

    Digital artwork on glass sliding doors looks stunning and allows our customers to create unique designs.This might be a favourite tree, botanical design or pictures of their children.The design can be carried through the home and subtly stitch the overall interior design together. 
  • Upcycling your Timber Floating Floorboards into your Wardrobe Door Design

    Sliding Wardrobe Doors and your floorboards are two of the largest permanent fixtures in your bedroom.Our experience shows that Wardrobe Doors are an untapped component of a bedroom makeover, that few people pay a lot of attention to.  However, with planning your sliding doors can work together with your floors to enhance your rooms foundation aesthetics. 

    The Perfect Room aesthetic

    Once you have the foundation aesthetics’ all you need to do is select pieces that complement each other.  Matching curtains to rugs and combining textures with your bedding can all work together with your Wardrobe Doors to enhance the room’s design.
    Combining your floating timber floor boards in your Wardrobe Door design can create a” subtle impact”, or  “hero the sliding doors" in your rooms design. 

    “A Subtle Impact”

    This little touch of combining two large permanent fixtures together can go unnoticed once the room is dressed with your furniture, artwork and soft furnishings.   The end result will reflect the co-ordinated materials in a highly polished design.

    Or you can “hero the Sliding Doors” in your Wardrobe Sliding Door design.

    The photo showing the orange panels & bamboo floating timber floor boards demonstrates how you can hero your Wardrobe Doors.The brief from our rather adventurous client was to keep the use of materials on the sliding doors in line with the rest of this newly renovated room. The black triple track aluminium profiles matched the black louvre windows on an adjacent wall and using the left-over bamboo flooring as vertical panels was a no-brainer.We custom sprayed MDF panels to match the paint on the walls and inserted a central dress mirror for functionality.The raked ceiling was overcome with a bamboo bulkhead to bring our head track to level.The end result is both colourful and fun, apt descriptions of one of our favoured clients.
  • Territory Industrial Sliding Doors with Crocodile Wall paper and powder coated mesh panelsTerritory Industrial fused with a Tropical Pallet Save
  • Timber Batten Wardrobes

    Timber Batten Wardrobes bring all the timber elements together in your home and will make your room look like it was designed by a professional interior designer.

    Timber Batten Wardrobes and Interior Design Uses

    This tropical design door was developed to use in our Darwin wardrobe market, however several interstate clients have specified this design. We’ve shipped these sliding wardrobe doors for a Melbourne terrace house and also for a linen cupboard in an architecturally designed Sydney home. Neither of these cities can be described as tropical, however the integral airflow of this design along with the aesthetics really appealed to our discerning interstate clients.This door can be customised to work with all interior design concepts.  Call Carl to discuss your renovation or new build.

    Timber Batten Wardrobes as a Barn Door

    The Timber Battens sliding wardrobe door design can also be made into a barn door.

    Two Rooms, Same Door Style, Different Colours