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Creative Sliding Doors

Our team here at FormfunctionNT thrive on the one off challenge.
Unique design brings its own rewards and we have had many opportunities to bring clients dreams to life with our creative sliding doors.

Custom Wardrobe Doors

From multiple panel “Mondrian” inspired creations & one off printing projects to unique industrial designs, we pride ourselves on being able to create truly original Wardrobe Sliding Doors inline with our client’s desires.

Custom Wardrobes with Creative Finishes

We have taken the approach that any flat panel or material may be fabricated into a one off design and that pretty much anything goes.
Some of the materials used to date include matchstick bamboo blinds, Louvre slats, wallpaper, custom powder coated mini-orb, powder coated mesh, timber floorboards, left over decking timber, Lego inserts, even a table runner from Spotlight has been integrated into a door design. Currently trending are full sized photographic prints onto glass or aluminium panels.

Click on the Pictures below to be taken to photo galleries of our Built In Sliding Wardrobe Doors