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Multi Panel Sliding Doors

Through our standard fabricating process we are able to create some truly amazing multi panel sliding doors to enhance your home.

Doors may be divided into as many panels as you wish, creating a unique aesthetic to combine with your decor. Different material combinations are possible, for example, a mirror panel could be inserted into a central area, different colours may be combined on opposite corners, we can even make a matching gable end in coloured glass or mirror for a truly co-ordinated approach.


The advantages of Multi Panel Doors

A real advantage of multi panel doors is the ability to span a door width in excess of 1200mm.
Because of the lateral panels, we can make a single door up to 1500mm wide, meaning a 3000mm wide wardrobe can be covered in only two doors. This can be a real advantage when considering how the internal drawer layout can be effected with three door openings, especially if there is no space for triple tracks.

Multi panel doors will enhance your home, so please contact Carl to discuss in further detail.