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Our handcrafted solid timber sliding doors are made to measure from sustainably sourced plantation timber and on occasion from  recycled timber.  These contemporary and elegant doors, combine polished edge glass panels which appear to float between real timber stiles.

The frameless glass lends lightness to the finish, even though these are very solid doors.

All Our Timber Sliding Doors are made to measure to your specifications, timber and panel choices.


Flat Pack Australia Wide to your front Door.

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  • Our Infinity Range of Sliding Doors is traditionally  timber styles and a panel of your choice e.g. glass, laminate, wall paper, bamboo, the list of panels is endless.  Our clients have a selection of timbers to choose from ranging from tassie oak, merbau, spotted gum, to name a few.  The timber styles are stained to match our clients timber floors and furniture.The Creative range represents us working with our clients to achieve a specific result.Why not match your timber sliding doors to a Barn Door 
  • Custom Timber Sliding Doors

    Our Custom Timber Sliding Doors are contemporary and elegant.  Polished edge glass panels appear to float between real timber stiles.  The frameless glass lends lightness to the finish, even though these are very solid doors.

    Material Choices

    Hand crafted from a timber of your choice.  The centre panels may be a material of your liking.Popular Choices are:
    • Black Glass
    • White Glass
    • Bronze or Smokey Glasses
    • Mirror
    • Painted Panels
    • Laminate Panels
    All provide a great finish.

    Personalisation of Timber & Glass Sliding Doors

    To further custom and personalise the doors you can feature a custom print on the glass. 
  • Sliding Timber Doors with Light Coloured Timber Stiles.

    Choosing a Sliding Door from our Timber Door Range offers unlimited options  to customise the door to work with your fixtures and furniture.To ensure that your Timber Sliding Door is the right fit for you.  We will discuss the following with you.
      • The Design Plan of your Room e.g. Contemporary, Tropical, luxe etc
      • The feel of your room e.g. Stylish & Beautiful, Sanctuary-like, reflects who you are, makes a statement or Inspires.
      • We take into account your permanent fixtures and furniture.
            1.  Floors – Timber, Carpet or tiles
            2.  Walls – Colour, feature walls
            3.  Furniture – Beds, Side Tables, Pictures
    Once we have a good understanding of your interior design and what you want to feature in your room.  Carl will then drawer concept drawings and a quote.

    Featuring the Sliding Doors with Light Timber Stiles.

    The majority of our clients who have chosen the lighter timber stiles use either Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak.  (You can use any timber)  Do so because they prefer the contrast with the black glass.  The Lighter Timber becomes a feature and provides a refreshing look.

    Panel Choices

    Using lighter panel choices such as white dec, pure white glass, or a light colour insert panel with the lighter timber stiles provides a calming feel.If you would like to discuss your project further call 08 89410588