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Sukiya Louvre Sliding Doors

The Sukiya louvre sliding doors were inspired by trip to Bali in 2011.

As usual, Carl was nosing around the furniture makers and wood carvers on an excursion to Ubud when he realised how frugal the local craftsmen were with their materials.  Nothing was wasted!  No five-meter skip bins outside these work places, rather, if there was a small off cut it would be made into a handle or carved into a simple figurine.

Inspiration started with a dream of a workplace with so little waste!

On returning to Darwin, Carl viewed all the “short ends” of Jarrah from a recent job and through collaboration with the talented team at Form Function NT, the Sukiya Robe Door was born.

Machining short ends from off cut timber into thin battens and basket weaving to provide both detail and ventilation has been a masterstroke. The Sukiya range has transformed into one of the most sought-after designs by Form Function NT, being sent all over Australia and even off-shore to East Timor.

The Sukiya Sliding Doors will bring cohesion to your room.

The Sukiya deign can be manipulated to suit any décor and interior design styles.   Almost any “flat” panel may be used in the door and we particular like using recycled louvres or timber.

We regularly use painted glass, mirror and 9mm melamine panels from Formica, Laminex or Polytec.
Further options are one off paint finishes to match walls, even wallpaper has been included for those truly one of a kind jobs.

Commonly used timbers include Spotted Gum, Jarrah & Tasmanian Oak, however we can source any timber our clients specify. Recent jobs have included Queensland Silky Oak and Northern Box.

The slats can be stained and lacquered to match existing furniture or timber floors.

Recycling short ends of timber, decking and old Louvre doors .

There is something quite satisfying about up-cycling and recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfill . Repurposed material can bring to life one of our signature doors, the Sukiya Louvre Sliding Door.

On many occasions our clients have supplied short ends of solid timber left over from previous work around their homes. Off cuts from decking are a classic example, as are old hardwood beams and  studs removed during renovations. Even old fashioned Louvre doors  hold precious timber that we can use in the fabrication of our stunning SUKIYA door range.