///elfa shelving garage storage solutions

elfa shelving garage storage solutions

Top Tips for improved garage storage

  • To increase garage wall shelving ,utilise as much of the wall space in the garage as possible.  elfa’s smart shelving gives you the option to easily add in extra shelves where there is a space.
  • Hang bikes, brooms and gardening tools
  • Pegboards are great for tool storage, hobby equipment and miscellaneous items . A place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Garage wall shelving can be achieved by using elfa’s top track and wall bands.  Providing a space for jackets, attach a bottom shelf for shoes and you will have a mud room!
  • Extend your storage to the ceiling to provide extra storage space- ideal for Christmas decorations & other items that are not used very much.

The elfa utility shelving system keeps the floor clear while you work the walls!  There never seems enough space in the garage once the cars are home.  The elfa wall mounted shelving system allows you to utilise wall space giving you organised convenient storage for different purposes.

Shed Shelving & Tool Storage

elfa’s utility track and pegboards will also attach to the walls of your shed.

Garage Shelving Darwin

For all your Garage Shelving, Shed Shelving and Tool Storage items.

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Popular elfa components to create a fully functional garage storage solution.

Garage Storage is made easy with elfa components. Start with elfa shelves ,then add pegboards and hooks for efficient tool storage options.

  • Bike racks
  • Pegboards
  • Shelving
  • Hooks, holders & storage bags, for ladders, garden equipment, spray bottles, vertical bike hook, garden chairs, electric saws, electrical cords,
  • Bracket for tires
  • Bracket posts for hoses
  • Utility track that can be attached straight to the wall


Additional information


elfa comes with a 10 year manufactures warranty


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