///elfa shelving bedroom storage solutions

elfa shelving bedroom storage solutions

The Top 9 Benefits of using elfa shelving to improve your bedroom storage capacity in your wardrobe, closet or Walk In Robe.

  • elfa shelving’s best feature is that it is fully adjustable. All wardrobe inserts are clip in/clip out.  You can add, subtract and move the wire shelves, pull out baskets and shoe racks around as your needs change.
  • Pegboards provide storage on the wall, saving space and give you a visual area for make-up, hair accessories etc.
  • Clip on bucket trays (that clip to the side of the wire shelves) give you additional extra wardrobe storage for keys, pens, scarves and bags.
  • Elfa has load of accessories that will take up little space and keep your wardrobe organised e.g. tie and belt racks, valet rods.
  • Elfa’s wall hang system is ergonomic, allowing you to set your hanging rails & shelving to a height that suits you. I always put my most used clothes and accessories at eye level.
  • Elfa is still bringing out awesome accessories, one of elfa’s newest items are the drawer dividers that seperate your clothing in your drawers.
  • Adjustable pull out baskets, trouser racks, shoe racks and jewellery boxes are popular functional wardrobe inserts.
  • Staying organised with elfa is easy. I personally change my wardrobe layout at least once a year to keep up with changing fashion trends.
  • Once the elfa top track and wall band are installed. You can keep adding the wardrobe inserts and wire shelves over time.(Your Wardrobe or WIR will be your secret weapon when it comes to looking good.)

Elfa might be just the only fashion item you still have in your wardrobe after 10 years that hasn’t gone out of fashion.

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Popular elfa shelving Wardrobe Inserts to achieve functional Bedroom Storage.

  • Shoe Storage: 2 different types of pull out shelves to accommodate high heels & combination of high and low heels.  Wire shelves of 300 deep work great for flats.
  • Pull out baskets: Choose between close mesh or open wire. Available in 450mm wide & 605mm wide and in  3 different heights. There are even 350mm deep baskets for those tight spaces!
  • Gliding Trouser racks
  • Accessory Tray – A place to store jewellery, cufflinks or even hair accessories.
  • Basket Dividers are this year’s biggest hit. Our customers cannot get enough of these handy little items.
  • elfa has a range of wire shelves, of different depths, bucket shelves, clip in shelves and melamine shelves.

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