///Mode Mirror Sliding Doors with single mirror insert panel

Mode Mirror Sliding Doors with single mirror insert panel

Mode Mirror Sliding Doors with one single mirror.

The Mode Mirror Sliding Door is defined by one insert mirror across two or three panels.

Why choose one single mirror insert panel rather than two?

1/..  Asymmetrical adds a visual interest to the room

2/.. The panels they have chosen are white dec glass or pure white glass which can also be used as a white board.

3/.. The Single mirror effortlessly blends with the rooms interior design allowing for differences in the arrangement of the décor and enables the space to feel more lived in.

Other options in our Mode range are Mode Sliding Doors with two insert mirrors and Mode Sliding Doors with Troppo Influence

Mode Single Mirror & Interior Design Styles

The Mode collection overall can be tailored to work with most interior design styles by using different panels e.g. colour laminates, off set colours, various glass colours and wall papers.

Further customising of the aluminium styles, tracks and frames can also change the look of the door and avail it to other Interior Design Styles.

The most popular design styles we see using the Mode Single Mirror Door Style are Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Industrial, Transitional, Urban, Art Deco, and electric.

Further tweaking of the panels and aluminium could expand this list.


Designer Considerations

The Mode Mirror Sliding Doors work particularly well in smaller rooms.  Typically where you have the wardrobe at the side of the bed.  The Mirror can be situated at the foot or the head of the bed.




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