Mode Sliding Mirror Doors with Troppo Influence.

The Mode Sliding Mirror Door has a mirror insert panel placed vertically in one or two of the doors.  The door itself is influenced by our Troppo Sliding Doors.    The mesh can be powder coated to match existing elements in the room.

Why choose the Mode Sliding Mirror Doors with Troppo Influence?

We have found that clients who choose this door style do so for a number of reasons.

1/..  The top and bottom mesh panel allows air flow.

2/.. The door panels still provide a mirror (s).

3/..  Depending on your décor and personal taste you have another element of the door that you can customise.

4/..  The mesh panels can be powder coated a neutral colour and provide a textural element.  Alternatively, you can powder coat the mesh a vibrant colour which looks great in kids rooms.

5/..  You can choose between one or two mirrors Mode Mirror Doors with Single Mirror and Mode Mirror Doors with Two Mirrors

Mode Sliding Mirror Doors with powder coated mesh panels & Interior Design Styles

The Mode collection overall can be tailored to work with most interior design styles by using different panels e.g. colour laminates, off set colours, various glass colours, wall papers, choice of powder coat colours for the mesh panels

Further customising of the aluminium styles, tracks and frames can also change the look of the door and avail it to your interior design style.

The most popular design styles that this door suits are Industrial, Transitional, bohemian, shabby chic, tropical.

Further tweaking of the panels, mesh and aluminium could expand this list, considerably.