Upcycling your Timber Floating Floorboards into your Wardrobe Door Design

Sliding Wardrobe Doors and your floorboards are two of the largest permanent fixtures in your bedroom.

Our experience shows that Wardrobe Doors are an untapped component of a bedroom makeover, that few people pay a lot of attention to.  However, with planning your sliding doors can work together with your floors to enhance your rooms foundation aesthetics.


The Perfect Room aesthetic

Once you have the foundation aesthetics’ all you need to do is select pieces that complement each other.  Matching curtains to rugs and combining textures with your bedding can all work together with your Wardrobe Doors to enhance the room’s design.

Combining your floating timber floor boards in your Wardrobe Door design can create a” subtle impact”, or  “hero the sliding doors” in your rooms design. 

“A Subtle Impact”

This little touch of combining two large permanent fixtures together can go unnoticed once the room is dressed with your furniture, artwork and soft furnishings.   The end result will reflect the co-ordinated materials in a highly polished design.

Or you can “hero the Sliding Doors” in your Wardrobe Sliding Door design.

The photo showing the orange panels & bamboo floating timber floor boards demonstrates how you can hero your Wardrobe Doors.

The brief from our rather adventurous client was to keep the use of materials on the sliding doors in line with the rest of this newly renovated room. The black triple track aluminium profiles matched the black louvre windows on an adjacent wall and using the left-over bamboo flooring as vertical panels was a no-brainer.

We custom sprayed MDF panels to match the paint on the walls and inserted a central dress mirror for functionality.

The raked ceiling was overcome with a bamboo bulkhead to bring our head track to level.

The end result is both colourful and fun, apt descriptions of one of our favoured clients.