Timber Batten Wardrobes

Timber Batten Wardrobes

Timber Batten Wardrobes bring all the timber elements together in your home and will make your room look like it was designed by a professional interior designer.

Timber Batten Wardrobes and Interior Design Uses

This tropical design door was developed to use in our Darwin wardrobe market, however several interstate clients have specified this design. We’ve shipped these sliding wardrobe doors for a Melbourne terrace house and also for a linen cupboard in an architecturally designed Sydney home. Neither of these cities can be described as tropical, however the integral airflow of this design along with the aesthetics really appealed to our discerning interstate clients.

This door can be customised to work with all interior design concepts.  Call Carl to discuss your renovation or new build.

Timber Batten Wardrobes as a Barn Door

The Timber Battens sliding wardrobe door design can also be made into a barn door.

Two Rooms, Same Door Style, Different Colours


Fully Customise your Timber Batten Wardrobe

Customising your Timber Batten Wardrobes gives you the ability to have a wardrobe that is unique and enhances your room.

Insert the battens where you want!

Timber Batten Wardrobes can be customised further.  Choose between placing the slats, vertical, horizontal, to the left of the door or right the right of the door.

Choice of panels

This can be over whelming as there is so much to choose from.  We would suggest is to choose between a glass or melamine panel.   Then further investigate which panel would suit your room.  Carl will be able to assist you

Choice of timbers and stains

We regularly use Spotted Gum in our sliding doors because of the variations in colour inherent within that species, however these doors also look striking in more consistent timbers, such as Jarrah & Tasmanian Oak.

Stains and laqueurs provide more consistent matching with existing timber elements of your room.

Timber Batten Wardrobes allows for ventilation in your door panel

The timber Batten wardrobe sliding doors also add an element of ventilation into the cupboards, the 1.5mm spacers between each batten providing breathable air space for your precious belongings tucked away behind.