///Wardrobe Mirror Doors from our Mode collection with two insert mirrors

Wardrobe Mirror Doors from our Mode collection with two insert mirrors

Wardrobe Mirror Doors from our Mode collection with twin mirrors

The Mode Mirror Door family using two insert mirrors across two or more panels provides a classic finish to your room.

Why choose two single mirror insert panel in your Wardrobe Mirror Doors rather than one?

We have found that clients who choose two mirror insert panel do so for a number of reasons.

1/..  They prefer symmetrical patterns in their interior design.

2/.. Two insert panels provide balance.

3/..  Two mirror panels can provide a more formal look.

Other design options from our Mode Mirror Doors are using one insert mirror panel and or adding a mesh panel at the top and bottom of the door

Mode Double Mirror & Interior Design Styles

The Mode collection overall can be tailored to work with most interior design styles by using different panels e.g. colour laminates, off set colours, various glass colours, wall papers.

Further customising of the aluminium styles, tracks and frames can also change the look of the door and avail it to other Interior Design Styles.

The most popular design styles we see using the Mode Double Mirror Door Style include the following, Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Urban, Art Deco, mid centrury modern, industrial, traditional and electric.

Further tweaking of the panels and aluminium could expand this list.



Designer’s Comments

Wardrobe Mirror Doors

The Wardrobe Mirror Doors using the mirror insert panel on both doors allows us to increase the width of the door.  (Our glass suppliers currently are unable to supply us with glass panels wider than 1200mm).

If your opening is between 2450mm to 3000mm.  Instead of covering the opening with 3 doors that may compromise access.  We can cover the oppening with 2 doors.

Aesthetically this can be a more desirable finish

There are other ways to get around these issues.   If you have any questions it is always better to start talking to us in the beginning of your renovation.






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