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Creative Barn Doors

Creative Barn Doors

Our Modern Barn Doors provide a refreshing modern touch and can be included in interior design styles such as modern, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian, traditional and Hollywood glam.


Are you looking for a Modern version of the classical barn door? Click here to view our Glass & Timber Barn Doors

Louvre Barn Doors

Louvre barn doors look especially great when the slats are the same species of timber as the floors.  In the photos below we were able to incorporate left over spotted gum timber from the floor into the door.

Interior Barn Door over Transom widow renovation.

Our clients have been renovating their beautiful home for years.  The latest renovation included an extension ensuite bathroom.  The door that previously led to outside now was going to the bathroom.

We needed to work around the transom window.  We change the window to black glass the same as the door panel.

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Creative Barn Doors

Our selection of Creative Barn Doors combines various panels, timbers, powder coated mini orb or mesh, wallpapers and glass.

Form Function NT’s interior barn doors are fully customised allowing for a high level of detail and a cohesive finish to your room.

Sliding Barn Doors can be one or two sided.  The two sided door gives a different look and design style to the room it faces.    A feature door on one side combining timber, glass or mesh (or a panel of your choice).   The other side could be a mirror.  Two rooms one door, two different looks!

Decorative Barn Doors are appealing to Our Customers!

1/..  Our decorative barn doors are creative in design and finish.

2/..  Combining materials such as glass and timber gives a sleek finish and allows for the Top Hung Door to effortlessly work with previous design styles such as contemporary, electric, modern, Art Deco that a rustic barn door was not entirely suited to.

3/..  Customers that are renovating established homes are delighted that the timbers in their new barn doors can be matched closely to their existing floors and furniture.

4/..  No bottom track!, no bottom track!.  They work extremely well in ensuites, laundries and bathrooms

5/..  Whether the Barn Door is going into a new build or an existing home.  It is the final piece that brings all elements of your style together.

Interior Barn Doors

If you are looking for Interior Barn Doors to suit your wardrobe, kitchen, ensuite, bathroom, home office or as a focal point between rooms.

Contact us to discuss your design.  We deliver Australia Wide.


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